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Wood Freeman Business Management has been our family business manager for many years -


Stuart Freeman, his father James Freeman, and his grandfather, Vernon Wood have managed my husband’s and his father’s  finances since the 1950’s …  Stuart Freeman’s financial advice has been incredibly helpful to me since the recent passing of my husband. 


The Wood Freeman office is reliable and dependable. I know medical and insurance questions I may have will be answered and if they don’t know the answer - they will find it and get it for you. Bills will be paid, and questions about finances will be answered.  Stuart and his office staff are understanding and give you the immediate attention bigger offices don’t seem to have time to do. They are not only business managers they have become good friends.


Susan McCray

Casting Director and Producer

Ten-K Enterprises, Inc.

As a stage/opera director and a playwright, I am required to be out of town more often than not.  I needed a firm to pay my bills, do my taxes, take immediate care of my business at hand, as well as keep a closer eye on my portfolio of investments. I have now been with them for more than eighteen years and I strictly remand myself to their advice on any and all business matters.  They’ve become my advisors, my friends and my family.  I can walk in their office for matters regarding anything from investment to flat tires!  And I am always warmly received with kindness, understanding and cordiality.  I don’t know what I would do without them.

Lillian Groag

I am a commercial real estate investor.

It would not have been possible to accomplish all that I have over the last 20 years without Wood Freeman Business Management.  I need a strong back office so that I am able to focus on business development and acquisitions. The team at Wood Freeman handles my day-to-day operations so that I can travel, buying and selling properties.  They enable me to be quick, efficient, and able to meet difficult deadlines.  The provide me with meticulous record keeping and accounting.

It is rare to have a working relationship that grows and flourishes year after year.  This is a testament to quality, care, and personal touch that Wood Freeman provides.  They care about my success.  What more can a client ask for? I can't adequately express my gratitude for all they have done and continue to do.

Elizabeth Tobias

Client since 1999.

"As an estate planning attorney, I have had the pleasure of working with Wood Freeman for over twenty-five years.  I have seen their commitment to to their clients first hand.  Their honesty, integrity and level of service is  exceptional."   

Mary I. Carbajal, Esq.

Stuart Freeman and his team have helped us with every aspect of our finances.

They exhibit care and thoughtfulness that has helped us shape our home life and our businesses success.


There is never a task too challenging for Stuart and he is always willing to hear us out and lend his expertise.

We are blessed to have him on our side.

Chad Hogan

Chandler Farms Inc.

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