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Since 1925, Wood Freeman has catered to people in the motion picture industry, but as new technologies developed, our clientele have included people in radio, then in television, and more recently, of course, into the digital space.


Currently, Hollywood is teaming with Netflix, Amazon, and other production companies churning out new digital content including movies, television, and online gaming.


One of our present strategies is to aide “up and coming companies” as they strive to get a foothold, and then hold on to it in this very competitive town.


We offer a large swath of potential services to our select clientele.  We cater the work to what each customer says they want from us.  We know it is difficult to grow a small company, and keep track of everything as you get bigger.  We believe that providing our customers with reliable support allows them to spend more time with their customers, and to be more productive.


Some customers like to do certain things themselves, but there are always things that they would not mind handing off if they knew they could rely on it being handled correctly.  Government compliance is a big issue.  Paying your minimum corporate tax, your payroll, keeping your business license up to date, paying routine bills such as utilities, rent, handling tax returns, W-2’s, 1099’s, quarterly estimated tax payments, etc.


In addition, we can bank your deposits, work with you to make sure that your business is properly insured, and give you sound business advice along the way.


Often, people work so hard in their business, that they neglect making key decisions for themselves in a timely fashion.  We take a holistic approach to your finances, and our services include paying your personal bills, helping you with investments, insurance, wills and trusts, taxes, and general financial guidance.


We report to our clients with a weekly recap of all activity, and a provide Income and Balance sheets on a monthly basis.  Having your financials in order makes it much easier when you are seeking financing, or are thinking about merging, or selling your business.


Our clients include actors, directors, producers, artists, agents, and tech companies.  We also perform Trust services, overseeing trust investments, and making distributions to beneficiaries as needed and acting as a fiduciary Trustee when asked to.

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