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In 1925, after graduating Cornell University, and traveling around the world, Vernon Wood, at the age of twenty-four settled down in a small hamlet called Hollywood.

He found a job in the payroll department at Universal where he met many of the top performers employed there.  One actor, Reginald Denny, a former Heavy-weight champion in the British Navy, was doing the "Leather Pusher Series" of films at Universal and hired Vernon as his personal assistant.

Vernon was soon handling all of Mr. Denny's business affairs.  Vernon read books and educated himself in Accounting, Insurance, Investing, and a myriad of other subjects which would aid him in helping his client.


By the age of twenty-six, "Woody", was one of the first and best known entertainment business managers in Hollywood.  He soon realized that there were many entertainers who did not have the time to keep up with their bills much less save money or invest it wisely.


Word spread of his great aptitude for working with entertainers, and his clientele soon included names such as Fifi D'Orsay, Robert Montgomery, Susan Hayward, Franz Waxman, Errol Flynn, Bette Davis, Johnny Mercer, Raymond Burr, Lyle Talbot, and William Bendex. 

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